Language Programmes 2020

Why Full Immersion?

Ireland and especially Dublin have a long relationship with mainland Europe as a favourite destination for students learning English. Total immersion among native English speakers offers an invaluable opportunity for teenagers in a time when learning a second language has become so important to their forthcoming careers. The degree of fluency in English that children readily acquire without inhibitions, makes grammar more accessible and easier to learn.

Children have an amazing ability to play and integrate much better than adults while learning a language and barriers are broken down much faster. Our programme offers students an opportunity to totally immerse themselves in English whilst integrating completely with an Irish family and lifestyle.

English Language Programmes

Irish Connection are running Total Immersion programmes for ten to fourteen year olds mid-June to end-July 2020. Students may avail of our programme to live with an Irish host family for one to four weeks. We match each student with an Irish family who have a son or daughter of similar age and interests. Irish Connection students spend their Saturdays together giving them a chance to swap stories while on excursions. Our weekly activities include tours of Dublin city and surrounding areas.

Our Summer Camp throughout July and August 2020. The camp includes 15 hours English classes and activities or excursions every afternoon (Monday to Friday), 3 evenings of entertainment with a full day excursion on Saturdays or Sundays.

Host Families

Irish Connection select every family with great care.  We maintain regular weekly contact with students during their stay, ensuring they are happy and having fun!


For the duration of each visit, Irish Connection are available to students and their families by telephone/email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.